D5 Newsletter | Mosquito Fire Update

D5 Newsletter | Mosquito Fire Update


It has been traumatic for those that have lost their homes, been displaced, and are still separated from their homes and communities. I wanted to share that we are doing everything possible to fight the fire, protect the remaining homes, support the needs of the evacuees, and get people back to their homes as quickly as it is safe. We are hopeful that those evacuated will be back in their homes within the next week – but the public safety officials must be certain that their homes and properties are safe and secure before they begin that process.

Words can’t express the gratitude and confidence we all have seeing the heroic efforts of Cal Fire, USFS, allied local agencies, Placer County Sheriff’s Office, OES, Placer County Animal Control staff, and all of our support staff and volunteers who continue their efforts to serve our residents and our communities.

If you, or anyone you know, are in need of services during this time – from shelter, food, clothing, or support – please call 211 and they will help. Also if you have ideas or suggestions – please reach out to my office. Please know that we at Placer County, as well as many of our residents, want to assist those in need.

I wanted to share several videos documenting the phenomenal effort during Tuesday afternoon’s firefight at Foresthill, the incredible base of operations at The Grounds in Roseville, and messaging from our animal control officers. We are so very thankful for the dedicated staff and round-the-clock efforts being made on behalf of our Placer County residents and our neighbors to the south in El Dorado County.

Foresthill Defense


Mosquito Fire Incident Command Basecamp


Caring for your animals during the Mosquito Fire evacuation



Mosquito Fire Update

Last Updated | 9/16/22 8:03am

Placer County has proclaimed a local emergency, which was ratified by the Placer County Board of Supervisors September 13, due to the ongoing threat from the Mosquito Fire. Governor Gavin Newsom has also proclaimed a state of emergency for Placer and El Dorado counties due to the Mosquito Fire.

California has secured a Fire Management Assistance Grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help ensure the availability of vital resources to suppress the Mosquito Fire burning in El Dorado and Placer counties. LEARN MORE

Foresthill and nearby communities in both Placer and El Dorado counties remain under evacuation orders and warnings (El Dorado residents can find information here). CAL FIRE NEU is in Unified Command with the USFS Tahoe National Forest, Foresthill Fire Protection District and Placer County Sheriff’s Office on the Mosquito Fire.

The Placer County Sheriff provides an updated list of Placer County Evacuation Zones. CLICK HERE

For evacuee support from Red Cross: (855) 755-7711


  • Structures threatened: 9,236
  • Structures destroyed: 73
  • Structures damaged: 13

Firefighter personnel: 3,873

People evacuated: 11,277


Firefighters continued to hold the Mosquito Fire within existing control lines along its western and southern flanks. The aggressive work of firefighters has minimized damage and further spread into affected communities along the fire’s edge. With the threat of stronger winds in the coming days due to an incoming cold front, crews will relentlessly patrol the fire’s perimeter for heat, smoke, and any potential issues that could cause the fire to jump containment lines. On September 13th, firefighters and the public saw firsthand how quickly a spot fire could jump control lines and threaten the communities again with little to no time to escape.

On Thursday, the fire’s eastern flank remained active with steady growth towards the Ramsey Crossing area. There, crews are using defensive firing operations along the Eleven Pines Road and control lines running south through Devil’s Peak to stop the fire’s growth towards McCulloh. Firefighters have continued work to hook the fire around the southeast corner by constructing control lines and using strategic firing operations when possible in the Stumpy Meadows area. Crews plan to utilize the Wentworth Springs Road as well as hand and dozer lines moving north across the Rubicon River drainage. With increased smoke shading on the northern portion of the fire, firefighters have made progress in holding their control lines along Deadwood Road.

The persistent southwest winds will continue and become even stronger as the approaching cold front arrives this weekend. Cooler temperatures, higher humidity, and wetting rains are forecasted for Sunday and lasting into early next week. Firefighters will welcome precipitation, but the stronger winds have the potential to cast embers farther out in front of the fire. Crews will continue the difficult work of constructing primary and contingency lines ahead of the north and eastern portions of the fire. With multiple steep and rugged river drainages to navigate, creating contingency lines will provide firefighters and communities with a secondary safety net should the fire jump primary control lines.


Livestream meetings are scheduled each evening at 7pm with Cal Fire, USFS, Incident Management Team, Placer County Sheriff’s Office, and El Dorado Sheriff’s Office.


Additional Mosquito Fire Resources


Placer Community Foundation’s Mosquito Fire Relief Fund | Since the fund was launched last Friday, September 9, PCF has received 307 gifts totaling $149,000. PCF has been in regular contact with Placer County Health & Human Services and the County’s 211 Resource Hotline. Through their referrals and word of mouth, they have reached over 300 households or 1,000 individuals. With their trusted nonprofit partner Auburn Chamber of Commerce Foundation, they are providing direct financial assistance totaling over $102,000 to these individuals in the coming days. Dollars are for people in dire need of basic living items such as clothes, food, gas and hotel stays.

“All of us at PCF are heartened by our community’s care and concern for our friends and neighbors in need. Thank you to all that donated!”

More support is needed! PCF is still accepting donations from those who wish to support local fire victims. DONATE NOW!

Red Cross Disaster Relief donations
Support Placer County Animal Services


CLICK HERE for road closure information.



El Dorado National Forest: The forest has issued a Forest Closure Order No. 03-22-16 which includes lands, roads and trails in the Mosquito Fire Area. View this order and related maps HERE.

Tahoe National Forest: The Tahoe National Forest has issued Forest Closure Order No. 17-22-09 which includes lands, roads and trails in the Mosquito Fire Area. View this order and related maps HERE.


Sierra College | View Map
5100 Sierra College Blvd, Rocklin, CA (enter on Rocklin Road)
Parking will be in Lot B
Shelter will be in the cafeteria (building J)

*The previous shelter in Auburn has now closed, as has the RV/Trailer evacuation point at Auburn Regional Park Gym


Over 400 evacuated pets and livestock were transferred from the Nevada County Fairgrounds to the Gold Country Fairgrounds this week to bring evacuated animals closer to their owners. WATCH VIDEO

For animals in areas under mandatory evacuation, if no other resources are available. When possible, to reserve space for those animals most in need, take pets with you and use available resources such as family, friends or boarding facilities.

Gold Country Fairgrounds – Large (including livestock) and small
209 Fairgate Rd, Auburn (enter via Gate 3 on Pleasant Ave.)
*No chickens/poultry due to avian flu.

*The Placer County Animal Services Center on B Ave. in Auburn has suspended new intakes after reaching capacity. The former animal sheltering at Nevada County Fairgrounds has ceased operation; please take animals to the Gold Country Fairgrounds for intake.


Placer County Health and Human Services and the Placer County Air Pollution Control District have extended the joint air quality advisory through Friday, Sept. 16, to notify the public of continued poor air quality conditions from smoke from the Mosquito Fire in both Placer and El Dorado Counties. If you can see or smell smoke, avoid all unnecessary outdoor activities, especially if you are in an area where visibility is greatly reduced. LEARN MORE



For general fire-related information and updates about available resources, please call 211. Reserve 911 for urgent emergency needs only. LEARN MORE

Mail Info: Foresthill, Georgetown, and Greenwood mail is being held at the USPS office (371 Nevada St, Auburn, CA). Please go to the pick up line and bring an ID. The address on the ID must match the address of the mail you are trying to pick up (registration or utility bills may be used as well). Please pick up mail as often as possible, daily would be preferable, so the mail pending pick up doesn’t create operations issues.

Injured Wildlife: If you come across injured wildlife, please contact the Wildlife Disaster Network or Gold Country Wildlife Rescue.

Property Tax Relief: Property owners that have been impacted by the Mosquito Fire may be eligible for tax relief. Information on how to apply for a temporary reduction in property taxes can be found HERE.

Business Information: Placer County Economic Development is collecting business information for those affected by the Mosquito Fire. They will be sharing information and resources via email as they become available, CLICK HERE.

CalFresh Recipients: Individuals who are recipients of CalFresh that were evacuated due to the Mosquito Fire, may be eligible to replacement CalFresh benefits due to the loss of food. CalFresh recipients displaced by the fire are encouraged to go to a Placer County Human Services office or call 888-385-5160. Please report the loss to the county by close of business on Oct. 6. Human Services office address are available online, CLICK HERE.


Foresthill High School – Closed until further notice
Foresthill High School students may convene at the new Learning Commons at Placer High School (275 Orange Street, Auburn) at 8:40 am each morning.

Foresthill Divide School – Starting Sept. 13, Foresthill Divide Elementary School students are invited to join their teachers at the Placer School for Adults Campus (3775 Richardson Drive, Auburn). Participating students will connect with peers and teachers, have access to meals and mental health support, and engage in meaningful activities.


Foresthill Transfer Station – Temporary Closure – Due to current hazardous conditions, the Foresthill Transfer Station will be closed starting Friday, Sept. 9. Normal operations will resume as soon as it is safe to do so.

Additional Wildfire Resources

Be prepared, know your evacuation routes, and listen to law enforcement! Please remember evacuations are a very coordinated effort between all law enforcement, fire districts, Caltrans, and our county roads – it’s a significant undertaking and planning between the agencies is extensive. In the event of an evacuation, please remain calm, follow the instructions of the emergency personnel, and have an action plan ready before the fire strikes. Have your kit ready to go for every family member, know at least two ways out of your neighborhood, and remember to check all your apps, alerts and social media pages – officials will constantly be pushing out messages immediately and as fast as they can. Don’t wait for the evacuation order – if you feel threatened, leave – and leave as soon as the evacuation is recommended by any officials. Depending on where the fire is located, law enforcement will determine which evacuation route is best, and officials will be placed in strategic areas to direct people where to go. Please don’t stop to try and ask questions – this will delay everyone’s evacuation – trust they are directing you a safe way to get as many people out as quickly as possible.

It is ALL our responsibility to ensure we are fire-prepared. Please be vigilant with your actions and evacuation plans. SIGN UP FOR PLACER ALERT – it is the single best way to stay informed in an emergency.


Placer Sierra Fire Safe Council
Ready for Wildfire webpage
Homeowner’s checklist
Defensible space information
Prepare for quick evacuation
Build an emergency kit
Sign up for Placer Alert

Contact information:

 175 Fulweiler Ave., Auburn, CA 95603 

Supervisor Cindy Gustafson: cindygustafson@placer.ca.gov

District Aide Sophie Fox: sfox@placer.ca.gov

Deputy District Director Katelynn Hopkins: khopkins@placer.ca.gov

Assistant District Aide Lindsay Thayer: lthayer@placer.ca.gov