What is your political party?
I have been registered No Party Preference for more than 30 years.

What is your political philosophy?
I believe in working collaboratively with both Republicans and Democrats. I believe in balancing a strong economy with protecting our quality of life and environment. I support law enforcement and firefighters, strong schools, economic sustainability, resilient communities and government accountability at all levels.

How will you protect District 5?
Since taking office April 2019, I have been working to advocate for my constituents and the issues impacting our communities. If elected March 3, 2020, I am committed to serving District 5 residents in the following ways:

  • Addressing the critical danger of catastrophic wildfire
  • Ensuring that County government accountability
  • Supporting economic sustainability and balanced growth
  • Seeking and supporting local housing solutions

How are you addressing the fire insurance crisis?
I have been championing a survey on fire insurance non-renewal impacts, providing the information to State officials and securing the attention of both the State Insurance Commissioner and obtaining a well-attended Town Hall in Auburn. I am committed to continuing the County’s pressure on our State legislators to address regulatory and legislative changes to reduce the costs for our residents.

How are you addressing PGE Power Safety Shut-Offs?
I have been facilitating a survey to constituents on the costs and impacts of the shut-offs, providing the results to the Governor, PG&E and California Public Utility Commissioners. It is imperative to push PG&E to provide overnight resources for customers in need, eliminating County fees for installation of generators and continuing to demand PG&E investment and resources to reduce the future number and duration of safety shutoffs.

How are you addressing forest health and hazardous fuels management?
I have voted for and encouraged more investment by the County in protecting our communities. This has included both direct funding and staff working on securing grants for State and Federal lands surrounding our communities. I have also met with State and Federal officials to push for more streamlining of permits and investment by the Federal government on their properties.

How are you addressing public safety?
I have supported increased investment for our public safety staff including building a new crime lab and a new sheriff’s substation. I have been collaborating with our CEO, OES and Placer County Fire leadership to identify needed funding for delivery of fire protection services and hazardous vegetation removal.

How are you addressing housing?
Placer County is experiencing many of the same issues as the rest of the State with a critical shortage of housing, especially for our young families and workforce. I have supported the efforts to build affordable housing at the Placer County Government Center. I also supported the establishment of a private housing trust for both private and government funds to facilitate more housing in our region. We are also working on opportunities for first time homebuyer programs.

What’s the best way to reach you?
I am very accessible and believe that it’s important to our residents for them to reach me with concerns and questions. I can be reached at 530-448-1069 or cindygustafson@placer.ca.gov. I hold regular “Supervisor Chats” to ensure you can meet with me outside of government offices. I also meet with individual homeowners and groups of homeowners with specific concerns and issues. I have also enjoyed touring many of our local non-profits that are helping serve our community. If you would like to get in touch, please don’t hesitate to reach out!