Placer County District 5 Newsletter | January 6

Placer County District 5 Newsletter | January 6


Happy New Year to All! 2022 seemed to fly by and now we look to setting goals for 2023. One of the Board’s priorities is encouraging more public involvement in our processes. We work hard each and every day and yet very few of our 405,000 residents participate in our meetings, committees, or workshops. I hope you will take a few minutes to consider getting involved in one of our many opportunities this next year. Government is only successful at reflecting the will of the people when a diversity of voices are participating in meaningful dialogue.  If you participate, you can and will make a difference! 

For my part, I will continue to focus on meeting with as many of you as possible. While my schedule stays incredibly full, I look forward to opportunities to meet you at your business, service club, neighborhood meeting, or special event. We can organize coffees, tours, or other activities to meet all those that are the fabric of our communities. Please send me your invitations!


Many commission, committee, and council seats are also scheduled for re-appointment. Placer County has a wide array of opportunities for resident involvement. Many local citizens volunteer their time to serve their communities through participating in one of these efforts. I’d like to encourage all of you to consider applying for an appointment to one of the seats. I’d love to tell you it’s easy and won’t take much time, but having served on some of these before, I can assure you it is not always easy, and sometimes it is not fun – but democracy requires participation! The rewards of serving your community are immense.

Please review the following list and fill out this application if you are interested in serving and email my office with any additional questions.

Explore committees, commissions and councils with upcoming vacancies or term expirations.

Municipal Advisory Councils – MACs:

For more information on board, commission or committee vacancies, click here. If you are interested in starting to serve or continuing to serve, you can find an application here.


Even if you are unable to serve on a committee, commission, or council, I still encourage you to be involved by staying informed. If you’re reading this, you’ve already started by signing up for my newsletter and I thank you for that. You can also sign up for our monthly Eastern Placer Bulletin, the Countywide Newsletter, and/or choose to get notified on other issues that are of interest to you.

Check agendas for meetings | Typically, the Board of Supervisors meet twice a month and our upcoming agendas are posted here. You can find upcoming agendas for many other committees and commissions here and sign up to get notifications to be alerted to meetings as well.

Attend a meeting | Public comment is accepted at all public meetings, so if you have thoughts or ideas to share, be sure to voice them. Explore Placer County’s online calendar!

Placer Alert | Sign up for Placer Alert – the County’s emergency notification system. You can sign up to receive calls, texts, or emails to ensure you know about an emergency near you the quickest way possible.

Thank you for taking the time to connect and do not hesitate to contact my office if you have additional ideas, suggestions, or questions.

In service,
Supervisor Cindy Gustafson 


Thank you to our residents, partners, and staff for making 2022 a year of positive growth. Please join us for a look back at the past year as we highlight just some of the accomplishments that we all made together. We hope the next year brings you joy, prosperity and wonderful memories. WATCH VIDEO


This is a reprint from The Foresthill Messenger submitted by Elisa Gardner
In the aftermath of the Mosquito Fire, we have seen the residents of Foresthill come together and combine their resources to help those who needed it most. An incredible outpouring of fund raising started immediately upon our arrival back on the hill after the evacuation orders were lifted. Non-Profit groups rallied together to not only give thanks to our fire- fighters who saved the town but offered aid to those who lost their homes. Even businesses suffered losses showed their support with donations. Divisions that may have once existed for whatever reason suddenly became a thing of the past and Foresthill has united 130% making the motto “Foresthill Mountain Strong” an active energy to be felt by all. Foresthill Chamber of Commerce was asked to help spread the word about re- sources that can help those in our community. First, Placer County, created a Local Assistance Center, at the old school, for a two-day event offering resources to fire victims. Over twenty entities were there for Foresthill residents. Following that, a Disaster Resource Village was put together by the New Hope Organization. They brought together many Non- Profits, to provide immediate supplies, money cards, food, emotional support, insurance advice and legal directions. We offer our thanks to everyone involved with the miracles of giving and receiving at such a critical time.

The Spaghetti Feed Fundraiser supported the victims that have lost homes in
 the Mosquito Fire on
 the Foresthill Divide; including Foresthill, Michigan Bluff and Baker Ranch. A special thank you to the the leads of the Foresthill Strong Mosquito Fire Relief: Danielle, Lola, Debora, Gina, Michelle, Nessa, Lisa, and Kelsey as well as the many volunteers that assisted them in making this fundraiser a huge success. In addition, thank you to Veterans of Foreign Wars, Foresthill Lions Club, 220 Area Squad Club, Foresthill Chamber of Commerce, Auburn Grace Church, Foresthill Christian Church, Hells Angels Highlands, Motorcycle Community, The Church of the Almighty Highway at the Highlands.


  • Sue Thompson
  • Mary Ann Flemmer
  • Barbara Goodson
  • Vicki Spannagel
  • Janice Carey

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to the $102,000 raised by community donations and the $87,500 in Cal Fire Foundation funding.


The MicroBiz Grant program is now open on a first-come, first-served basis. Small businesses in Placer County that missed the first round and second round should not hesitate to submit an application to receive $2,500. The Micro Biz grant is for small business owners whose business revenue was less than $50,000 in 2019. To qualify, businesses must have five or fewer employees and have been operating since the end of 2019. Please note, that there are additional eligibility requirements. You are urged to review the simple requirements prior to submitting an application. LEARN MORE + APPLY TODAY



Community members are invited to shape the future of the region, and we need help from Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to ensure everyone’s voice is heard! Applications are now open for CBO partners to propose outreach and engagement activities for the 2025 Blueprint to build community awareness and help gather input. The Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) is responsible for creating a plan that looks 25 years into the future to determine how the Sacramento region will grow and change over that time. The plan, also called the 2025 Blueprint, is developed using a combination of evaluating development projects from cities and counties, careful forecasting of population and transportation changes, and most importantly, with lots of input from community members. LEARN MORE

  • Who can apply: Community-based organizations including nonprofits, neighborhood groups, faith-based organizations, educational institutions, and more.
  • When are applications due: January 20, 2023
  • Timeline for grant completion: Engagement activities will start February 2023 and need to be completed by June 30, 2023.
  • Interested in applying? Start your application here. You can also register for a pre-proposal meeting on January 10, 1–3 pm, for Q&A with SACOG staff.

2022 Public Safety Reports for District 5


  • Total Incidents: 30179
  • Citizen Calls: 18104
  • Deputy Initiated: 12075
  • Priority 1 Citizen Calls: 5539
  • Priority 2 Citizen Calls: 5437
  • Suspicious Activity: 2722
  • Disturbance: 2034
  • Alarm: 2232
  • Traffic Stops: 3933
  • Calls closed with an Arrest: 1012
  • Calls closed with a Citations: 669


  • Collisions: 1734 YTD
  • 192 for month of December
  • 21 Fatalities YTD
  • Citations: 7,059
  • DUI Arrests: 388
  • Felony Arrests (Non-DUI): 64
  • Misdemeanor Arrests (Non-DUI): 60
  • Assist Disabled Motorists: 2,059
  • Stolen Vehicle Recoveries: 54


  • Acres Burned: 1,962
  • Wildland Fire: 421
  • Structure Fire: 379
  • Vehicle Fire: 38
  • Other Fire: 3,362
  • Medical Responses: 27,011
  • HazMat: 1,333
  • LE Activity: 54
  • PSA/Other: 3,372
  • Total Incidents: 35,974

Contact information:

 175 Fulweiler Ave., Auburn, CA 95603 

Supervisor Cindy Gustafson:

District Aide Sophie Fox:

Deputy District Director Katelynn Hopkins:

Assistant District Aide Lindsay Thayer: