Placer County District 5 Newsletter | May 22

Placer County District 5 Newsletter | May 22

Emergency Board Meeting Update, Responsible Recreation, and Prepping for Reopening

I wanted to start out this week explaining the last minute cancellation of Wednesday’s special Board of Supervisors meeting and apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused. In the hours before the meeting, we learned of legal and financial implications that needed further investigation. We wanted to ensure we were thorough in our process and had all relevant information for ourselves and for the public, so the decision was made to cancel the meeting.

We met in closed session this morning and discussed anticipated litigation. This is standard procedure that anticipated litigation involving the county is done in closed session. The Board took no action during our meeting this morning and announced we will be holding a special meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, May 26 at 10am. You will be able to find the agenda HERE as soon as it’s posted. I understand that there is a wide diversity of strongly-held opinions and concerns throughout the county and that diversity is clearly reflected in our own Board of Supervisors. 

Moving on to this weekend. While Memorial Day events have been cancelled, I ask each of you to remember, honor and mourn those who have given their lives defending our great nation. Please take a moment to pause and appreciate what they and their loved ones have sacrificed so that we can enjoy our lives, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

This weekend also represents the unofficial start of summer. With temperatures warming up, I know many of us will be spending more time outside in the next few days, weeks, and months. We are fortunate to live in such a wonderful county with so many varied outdoor recreational opportunities, but we also need to remember to recreate safely this holiday weekend and in the summer ahead.

I am sharing this “Welcome to Tahoe” sign below because it has many helpful tips and guidance no matter where in Placer County you find yourself recreating this weekend or throughout the summer. Just because you are outside does not mean you can ignore the chance of transmitting or catching the virus. This poster also represents just one of the many collaborative efforts that have been happening throughout the county to help educate our public. Thanks to the Tahoe Fund and Take Care Tahoe for developing this messaging.

We have done a phenomenal job in this county of following protocols and keeping our cases low. Please continue to follow all of these tips and be safe wherever you are. We are fortunate to be reopening Stage 2 businesses and in order to continue for Placer County to move into Stage 3, we will need to continue to flatten the curve of this virus.

Speaking of Stage 3, I am getting numerous calls and emails everyday about the timeline for Stage 3. We continue to follow the state guidance, and we do not have specifics on when this might happen. Earlier this week, Governor Newsom did say that counties would be allowed to move to Stage 3 in “weeks, not months” so Placer County businesses should be planning for this to happen in June.

Our Placer County economic development team has created many resources for businesses to begin to get ready for Stage 3. That includes this Ready, Set, Prep site to help your business start working on a site specific plan, understand cleaning protocols, and more. I encourage ALL businesses that have not reopened yet to take time to prepare so you are ready as soon as we receive the greenlight from the state. Businesses included in Stage 3 are hair salons, gyms, and hotels/lodging/short-term rentals, so please be prepared.

I also have appreciated virtually participating with the Auburn Chamber Government Affairs and Economic Development Committee and Meddlers, the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association, and many other regional organizations and individuals throughout District 5. This input has provided great insight into the efforts, concerns, and specific needs and interests of individuals and business communities.

Thank you again to Placer County residents for all you have done over the past few months. This has definitely been a challenging time, but one we will get through together. I hope you have a safe, healthy, and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend!

Cindy Gustafson, District 5 Supervisor

Can My Business Reopen?


The Placer Business Resource Center has developed a  tool for you to check if your business can safely reopen. Find out more HERE. Or call the Placer Business Recourse Team at 916-770-8380.


Printable Compliance Posters

Placer County has developed many printable posters that you can post at your business to let customers know what you are doing for their safety. The North Lake Tahoe Resort Association has created this poster for Tahoe businesses as well.