“With more than 30 years of public policy experience, I understand that working collaboratively and forging partnerships is the key to solving challenges and supporting our communities. We don’t move forward alone.”

Cindy Gustafson

Since 2019, as a Placer County Supervisor, Cindy followed that philosophy while prioritizing public safety, open and responsive government, responsible development, workforce housing solutions and the preservation of open space. Among the issues that she is proud to have worked on:

Wildfire Preparedness and Insurance Reform

  • Addressed the critical danger of catastrophic wildfire by promoting forest health, firesafe communities, ensuring emergency preparedness for evacuations, and advocating for reasonable fire insurance for all residents in District 5:

  • Supported over $2 million of funding for additional chipping service, support for fire-wise communities, and organized Town Hall with the Placer County Sheriff’s office and fire personnel to educate the public on evacuations.  
  • Supported an agreement with the California Wildfire Institute to locate in Placer County. 
  • Held meetings with the State Insurance Commissioner to let the public articulate the many issues that face them in attaining adequate insurance.
  • Attended meetings in Sacramento with legislators to push for insurance reform.

Public Safety

  • Providing increased financial support to our Placer County Sheriff, Probation, and District Attorney departments, which is crucial to the safety and security of the residents of Placer County. She has supported:

  • Body-worn cameras for the Deputies;
  • The consultant work with Sacramento State for a new crime lab in Placer County;
  • Additional positions in the DA’s office and the Probation Department.
  • A new mobile vehicle.

Balanced Growth and Open Space

  • Supported economic sustainability and balanced growth that enhances our communities and our rural areas.
  • Facilitated a meeting between members of the ag community and the Placer County Economic Development Department to obtain a $500,000 grant for Agricultural Sustainability. 
  • Supported the expansion of Hidden Falls, the Twilight Ride entrance, and the acquisition of additional 3,000 acres of land for conservation.

    Responsive and Open Government

    • Prioritized that County government is responsive to its residents’ needs and deploys resources efficiently and fairly across the County:
    • Responded to over 1,500 requests from residents with issues such as: code enforcement, road maintenance, hazardous vegetation, illegal gates on private shared roads, dumping, structures, etc.
    • Supported policies that tracked and evaluated expenditures.

    Local Workforce Housing

    • Supported local housing solutions, ranging from affordable to the missing middle, through collaborative partnerships with nonprofits, governmental agencies and the private sector.
    • Supported funding to establish Housing Trust Placer.
    • Facilitated meetings with experts from Colorado on resort-area housing programs.  Brought solutions funded from TOT revenues for purchase, leasing, and support for workforce housing in the North Lake Tahoe area.

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